Felten’s PILOT® [green] energy data management is an add-on to Mitsubishi Electric’s Energy Control Pack.

Felten Group, has developed “PILOT® [green]” - a solution for emission control in production facilities. It provides, not just an integrated analysis of the energy consumption and the CO2 footprint but also data that is systematically optimised via an intelligent measurement management solution.

PILOT® [green] is a unique energy management system that has been designed to monitor all aspects in a company of energy usage and provides global dashboards, reports and cumulative reports. With builtin filter functions, PILOT® [green] can produce comparisons and trend data with drill-down capability. To make energy/cost related decisions, optimised data compilations create effective reporting and analysis and energy managers can access archived data and history for appropriate energy evaluation.

Efficient production management

The PILOT® [green] system has been designed in such a way that not only does it ensure more efficient production management with clear advantages in relation to conventional solutions but, for example, it supports CO2-reducing emission control at the same time as optimising future requirements. Thus, there is no additional investment required for technical infrastructure development to evaluate the relevant data and identification of energy wasting equipment


PILOT® [green] offers extensive support possibilities to create dashboard, trend, peak indicators and drill-down analysis for different levels of users, together with KPIs to help make energy consumption and management transparent.

This evaluation on the enterprise level makes it a perfect add-on to Mitsubishi’s Energy Control Pack.