Flexible, wireless, energy measurement sensors which integrate with Mitsubishi iQ Platform

Utility Management for the Shop Floor – Rapid capture of energy usage data

A precious resource

In today’s carbon conscious environment, the need to understand the exact nature of energy consumption is more important than ever. The Wi-LEM solution (Wireless Local Energy Meters Network) provides an elegant and effective solution to these issues.

Precise monitoring

While monitoring the exact consumption of any given asset is an ideal, it is often impractical due to wiring, metering access or other plant issues. The Wi-LEM neatly solves these problems with a convenient selection of electrical sub-meters featuring split core measurement sensors that allow monitoring to be carried out without any need to disturb existing cabling.

Measure, then act

Collecting usage data is only half the story. Without transparent access to this information, it is of little use. The Wi-LEM solution addresses this with easy connectivity to a range of third party systems, including the Mitsubishi Electric automation solution.


The continuous insight provided by the LEM solution into the nature of plant energy usage has multiple applications. On a basic level, it is possible to determine the precise breakdown of usage to know where it all goes.

Fast deployment

Thanks to a configuration approach that uses parameterization rather than programming, it’s possible to be monitoring energy consumption in as little as 10 minutes. The meters themselves are auto configuring, meaning no work is required to set them up.