The “EXTEND7000” mobile SCADA and mobile maintenance system puts any mobile device in touch with Mitsubishi PLCs

The latest generation of hand held communication devices combine the functionality of a hand held PC with the connectivity of a phone and access to the Internet. The freedom they allow users to do business and stay connected to the office and workplace, is being combined by SCHAD to deliver fast mobile interaction with remote plant equipment.

Where ever the operator can get mobile reception, which is currently most of the populated western world, he can now stay up-to-date with plant performance. Using any mobile device, smartphone or tablet, users can make changes to production schedules, respond to, diagnose and make adjustments based on alarms set to trigger on any number of pre-set performance parameters or fault conditions.

The main innovation of the “EXTEND7000” system is cross platform integration; a SCADA layer hosted on a local server connects directly to factory PLC’s, specifically Mitsubishi’s popular FX series, and provides a secure connection via mobile device to the internet and out to the mobile network via a stable and secure 256 BIT AES encrypted signal.

The result is real-time interaction with the PLC’s functionality, via simple easily executable commands, from anywhere on site or indeed from another country. The system has proved extremely popular with large production sites and businesses such as utility companies where the engineering and maintenance teams have to monitor and maintain many remote sites such as local pumping and processing sites.

With smartphones ubiquitous across industry, they provide a familiar platform for technicians, engineers and operators to stay informed about production data and status in real time, and provide remote control of systems. Hence, personnel can be alerted any time in any location, helping to increase system availability and maximizing productivity. The SCHAD solution also includes important features such as mobile access to plant documentation, logging of transactions and reporting.

The SCHAD system is currently compatible with any Mitsubishi FX Series PLC that is connected to a network that can provide connectivity via an Internet enabled modem or LAN with an external Internet connection. However, it is planned that in future developments connectivity will be expanded to include other Mitsubishi products such as System Q, the iQ Platform as well as inverters and servos.