Raima is the leading provider of high performance, high availability database solutions for critical real-time applications.

With its RDM Embedded database technology, Raima provides a network database on a local device which has a predictable performance, unlike traditional relational databases whose performance is negatively affected at an exponential rate as the volume of data being managed increases. RDM Embedded has been successfully deployed in millions of business critical applications over the past 30 years, providing users with safe and reliable data management solutions for today’s complex interconnected devices and applications.

Joining the Mitsubishi Electric e-F@ctory Alliance partnership ecosystem, Raima has released a version of RDM Embedded that runs on the C Controller CPU. Users can take advantage of both the real-time operating system, along with the C programming environment of the CPU, to customize RDM Embedded to their specific application requirements. Data can be stored in memory or on-disk on the optional compact flash memory card. Raima also provides a web-based interface through their microHTTP server, as well as a powerful replication server that allows data to be moved to and from Raima’s RDM Embedded database or any other 3rd party data store (such as a SCADA systems, ERP systems, enterprise database, etc). These two key features make remote access to the database simple yet extremely powerful, allowing for more complex deployment of monitoring & control industrial applications.

The C Controller operates on an iQ Platform backplane with other System Q CPUs. Embedding the database on a local controller rather than on a higher-level PC increases the speed with which shop floor control systems can access application data, opening the door for a large performance boost for critical production operations.

In addition, users will benefit from an increased transparency of production data and information. With the e-F@ctory automation concept assuring seamless data flow across the enterprise, the replication technology within RDM Embedded will allow easy distribution of data from the C Controller to networked PLCs and to higher-level business systems.