Leading Process Control System for brewing and beverage industries running on Mitsubishi's MELSEC System Q platform

ProLeit AG’s Plant iT is a Process Control System (PCS) that uses the MELSEC System Q as a platform, providing a flexible, open and cost effective alternative to traditional Distributed Control Systems (DCS). Plant iT has already been proven in hundreds of installations worldwide and hence is extensively field tested.

Plant iT is divided into four key modules. The key element of the system is Plant Direct iT, the actual PCS itself. Plant Acquis iT handles production data management to provide visibility into the process for monitoring, control and optimization. Plant iT Material is a process oriented material management system which includes warehouse management and inventory management. Finally, Plant iT Connect provides a top level link to external systems such as enterprise IT systems.

A key strength of the solution is the comprehensive parameterization approach. All key system elements (sensors, valves, motors, PID loops, etc) are represented as classes which are selected from libraries and their technical properties defined by parameters. This allows systems to be configured with very little programming. Once the system is configured, it is downloaded to the System Q controller, which becomes the Plant iT controller. Further, as no compilation of the Plant iT architecture is used, run-time modifications can easily be carried out.

Finally, for more complex system requirements, existing PLC code can co-exist alongside the Plant iT engine, providing maximum flexibility. This is also a key benefit, since often a process system may still contain some discrete control elements that are easily operated with this approach.