How do I use the virtual exhibition?
To enter the exhibition, first watch or skip the exhibition tour. You will then land in the foyer, using the left and right controls on the screen you can choose an exhibition, cinema, media suite or information booth to visit. Once you are in an exhibition hall, watch the tour and then select a booth to visit. Simply click on the live stand and you will zoom into that stand, then click on individual live hotspots to see products, read overviews, watch movies and download literature from the live virtual exhibition visitor interface.
Why a virtual show?
This virtual exhibition is designed to bridge the gap between live events, providing product information and video comments direct from technical experts on each product and service. You can visit anytime you want and contact each vendor directly for more information.
Will it work on my phone, PC tablet or iPad?
Yes, the V-Ex platform that this virtual show is built on supports mobile devices from PC vendors and apple products. Performance may vary based on your internet connection and some video sequences will be handled differently by different devices, but the experience should be consistent. The faster your interconnection is, the better the performance of the site will be. Broadband or high data rate 3G is recommended.
Can I have a stand at this show?
Yes, if you are an e-F@ctory alliance member you are eligible for a free basic exhibition stand.
Can I upgrade my stand?
Yes, you can add up to three product hotspots on the basic stand, plus you can upgrade to a larger shell scheme, or have a bespoke stand built just for you. The best place to start is with a design for an existing stand.
Will my virtual booth work outside of the e-F@ctory show?
Yes, if you would like your virtual stand to appear on your own website, then speak to your e-F@ctory partner representative about hosting your booth remotely.
How do I manage content on my virtual booth?
The V-Ex platform provides a full set of content management tools which allow you to amend text, photographs, pdf downloads and video content on your stand. Please contact your e-F@ctory partner representative for login details.